Business meetings, training courses, conferences



TIMES EVENT CENTER offers 3 halls:

  • GOOD TIMES – for 40 people
  • Crazy Rabbit – for 100 people
  • Patio w Times – for 800 people

PATIO for 800 people

The ground floor reaches about 500 m2. There is a scene, a cloak room, a reception and toilets. Mezzanine floor may also be used for the event and tables and buffet table can be place there. Even a DJ stand or musicians can be located on the upper floor. PATIO’s ceiling height is 20m and it gives sense of speciousness and allows for realisation of interesting art installations.

During the event if requested we also allow the access to the CLUB for special guests.*

Crazy Rabbit CLUB for 100 people

The Club has a total area of 120 m2 and is destined for private intimate parties. It has 50m2 hall with space ready for chairs, dancefloor and DJ stand. There is also a separated zone with a bar as well as with a VIP ROOM.  Club is equipped with TVs and a projector with a screen. The hall can be refurnished so it’s perfect for various types of events.

GOOD TIMES for 40 people

GOOD TIMES bistro is available for private meetings, parties and training courses from Monday until Friday in the evenings and all day on Saturday. Its space is suitable for any type of event. There is a projector and a screen. At place we serve delicious food and goods baked by our master of confectionery.


Proceeding of both conference and training course strongly depends on the choice of the right place. We invite all customers who are interested in this kind of event to use our professional help. Depending on the number of participants we offer two halls: PATIO or Crazy Rabbit CLUB. Both are elegant and have all conveniences required for the training course. We provide our customers with TVs, projectors with screens and sound system. Our halls have cloak rooms and receptions what may impact participants’ comfort during the event.

Professional catering

Carefully planned catering service is also very important during a company conference. Our team has experienced cooks, who can prepare delicious dishes for any event. To customers who choose our services for holding a conference or training course we offer both snack and drinks as well as hot dishes. We have ready menu suggestions however we are open for hosts’ propositions. When preparing the dishes, we pay attention not only to the taste, but also to the aesthetics. The food is served by qualified waiter service.

Unforgettable theme parties in Wrocław

Our offer is also suitable for customers interested in organising theme parties in Wrocław. Thanks to long-term experience we can help with choosing the theme for the party as well as with planning scenario of the event and creating well-matched menu. While in case of a big party we propose using PATIO hall, for an intimate party SUPERIOR CLUB will be a perfect choice. Each hall has a DJ stand and a dance floor therefore both provide participants with perfect conditions for having fun. Our experienced waiter service is serving the food at each event organised with us.