In TIMES EVEN CENTER we organise fashion and products’ shows. Furthermore, PATIO’s spaciousness allows for interesting decorative arrangements.

The ground floor reaches 500 m2. There is a scene, a cloak room, a reception and toilets. Mezzanine floor may also be used for the event and tables and buffet table can be placed there. Even a DJ stand or musicians can be located on the upper floor. PATIO’s ceiling height is 20m and it gives sense of speciousness and allows for interesting art installations.

During the event, if requested, we also allow the access to the CLUB for special guests.*





*CLUB for 100 people

The Club has a total area of 120 m2 and is mostly used for private intimate parties. It has 50m2 hall with space ready for chairs, with a dancefloor and a DJ stand. There is also a separated zone with a bar as well as with a VIP ROOM.  Club is equipped with TVs and a projector with a screen. The hall can be refurnished so it’s perfect for various types of company events.