Times Event Center organises outdoor events in Wrocław and ensures professional support to those who are interested in holding one. We can help with various types of events, either with a business one or a family party held in any part of Wrocław. We always pay attention to create a mood in accordance to the type of the event. We have organised many outdoor wedding parties and thanks to many years of experience we also provide help with parties for children. We can handle both small intimate events and events for many people.

Perfect catering service

Times Event Center offers catering service customized for the type of an event. We meet any request depending on hosts preferences – either for modern, healthy cuisine or for traditional Polish cuisine. Among the dishes that we have prepared in the past are vegetarian dishes and dishes customized for children. We have special menu propositions for business events and for wedding parties. We always consider customers’ requests and suggestions. All the food is prepared by our qualified and experienced cooks therefore it always meets requirements of even the most demanding guests. We care a lot about the aesthetics of how the food is served.

Perfect event service

High quality of food goes hand in hand with excellent quality of waiter service. Each event organised by us is handled by our waitresses and waiters, thanks to whom all the dishes are served in a professional way and on time. The number of our employees is proportional to the number of participants and the type of the event in order to provide the guests with the highest level of comfort.